have y0u ever felt like being crushed d0wn en all y0u see in the mirr0r are increments of yar vanished self?

am being left out wit n0 one to turn t0..en n0 sh0ulder to cry 0n. :c
am dead. am broken.
i want to sh0ut out loud: I AM BLEEDING!
fate has been x0o cruel to me..I HATE MYSELF!

if 0nly i can cry myself out, i w0uld..but am supp0sed to be str0ng. i MUST n0t cry.
am numb. am senseless. am dumb. br0ken en dead.

i pity myself. am w0rthless.

i want my grandma back!! I MISS HER!!!!!!!!!!!! :c

i want to t0rture myself..but all i can do is to stand en keep h0lding: f0r the pe0ple who need me.
but i really cant find myself n0w.
am l0st. i want to escape.

I AM NOT FINE!!!!!!!!! I AM NOT OKAY!!!!!!!
DAMN ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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