PPM opens for interested applicants

The premier street organization in Southern Leyte, Pandajan Pundok Mananajaw [[PPM]] welcomes all talented && even not-so-talented individuals to join the group.

our gr0up [[PPM]] has been running f0r 5 years already..&& am pr0ud to say that n0 matter h0w far we are..what sk0ols are we in t0..n0 matter what circumstances it may be..at the end of the sk0ol day..we still gather t0gether to present our annual dance c0ncert to our beloved barangay..mantahan..

thus i never w0nder why our barangay is gifted with talented fellas epsecially in terms of dancing..
saint j0seph does l0ve us..i kn0w.. ü

n0w that we've c0me into a bit l0ng way..we are n0w stepping into the next level.. :D
which means..dancing isn't just our thing..but also singing, arts, bands, && stuffs like that..&& we are aiming to gather new members n0t just in our barangay..but also in other places..
&& since the sk0ol is ab0ut to start..we h0pe to gain members in all sk0ols as many as we c0uld..

xo if y0u are interested..i'd be glad to hear fr0m y0u..

le gra

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igatmate said...

apil ko! hehe
pag himo unya ug branch sa cebu relky! heheeee...