0ne sleepless night..

as of 10th of september 2008

i hate to say this..but am g0ing back to my 'freaking z0ne'..huhu

i really wanna stay..my happiness bel0ngs here && n0t elsewhere..
i wanna quit studying && just be with my c0mf0rt z0ne..
i d0nt wanna think ab0ut my future anym0re..because what matters is the present..

i wanna be happy while the w0rld is still okay..

but i guess this is h0w reality bites..xo i just think of the bright side of what my sufferings can render to my c0mf0rt z0ne..&& i kn0w in the end..it w0uld be euph0ric f0r me t0o..

but then..what prevails is the 'present me'..&& the b0tt0m line is..

i just wanna enj0y life..like i had bef0re..

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igatmate said...

study hard... party harder!!! igat!