hearts' day

lurrve is in the air..al0ng wit several milli0n t0ns of chl0r0flu0r0carb0ns && carb0n di0xide..

but while the jury is still out 0n their lasting impact 0n our delicate ec0system, it has bec0me all t0o clear tat the w0rld of music w0uld be n0where with0ut the gentle l0ving nudge of animal lust && unrequited affecti0n.

what better way to celebrate l0ve's b0ndles mystery than valentine's day..
the 0ne-time-each-year when l0vers thr0w aside m0nths of petty, jeal0usy, && m0unting mistrust f0r 0ne purrfect m0ment of fr0zen dev0ti0n..


wa na ku kahibao unsa pai ahung ma sulte.. hihi

pee batentayms na laman.

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igatmate said...

mao di ay na epek og hatagan og buwak ni ching... yawyaw to da maxxx!!! hehehe