just when i th0ught i had the w0rst day..

it's our very first duty tiz year..en my mind && s0ul aint ready to face to the t0rture yet. i still have my fun fun fun vacati0n hang0ver!
i still wana dance; en skate fr0m the t0pm0st to hell!; en str0ll elsewhere; en sleep very late; en drunk myself to death; en m0st especially..hug, laugh, && eat t0gether wit my c0mf0rt z0ne.
haeii..th0se daysss..

back to reality!
en x0..the day started.
w0ke up 4.50a..arrived 5.45a at the area.

i had my new set of dutymates..en again, i am the alien! :|
but since i am friendly, en xo are my new c0lleagues..we easily g0t al0ng. ü
en xo the day went like h0rr0r train. ö

h0rr0r train, yes.
since i was very anxi0us ab0ut my yell0wb0ok. (yell0wb0ok--a b0ok where all the duty stuffs had been j0t d0wn.) i d0nt have it since oct0ber 2008!? ö

en xo i went to sch0ol 0nce again h0ping to find my future--yell0wb0ok!
i already appr0ached 2 of the p0ssible last handlers of my b0ok [[ms malapitan && mrs carabi0]]..but they had n0ne. :c
en i 0nly have 0ne m0re to g0..

g0od afterno0n sir, i w0nder if u have my yell0wb0ok since u were my teacher 0n our very last r0tati0n.

mr sar0n:
reyes, aiight? yeah..there was 0ne yell0wb0ok left here..en i bet, it was y0urs, reyes. but it was wayyy past that i can hardly tell where it is by n0w.

[[heartbeat fast]]

an0ther teacher:
reyes? do i heard it right, reyes?
i think i have that thing right there.

[[f0und it!]]

en xo the day was filled wit ice creams && ch0c0lates.. XD

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igatmate said...

ng inangatch na pod di ay ka igat...