it's true.
there will come a day where everything in yar life becomes meaningless && insignificant..and you realize tat you are NOTHING to the world. you realize tat everything you do..is actually POINTLESS. and everyone you know, love && care about you become INVISIBLE, too.

in tat same day you will feel every emotion there is..&& it'll tear you apart, it'll rip you to pieces.
you can stand and scream all you want..but yar NOT going to be heard.
you will hate everyone && everything tat ever meant anything to you.
you will listen to yarself && yar thoughts and think fcuk it! "am done wit tiz shit! end it all of tiz".!!

then in tat same second, you'll realize tat you have the power to show whether ya'r a fighter or a coward.
you can prove to people how STRONG you are in a moment of weakness..you can embrace those who stood by you though you were too blind, ignorant, && selfish to acknowledge the fact. you can stand up && look back..and wonder why you even went there. you can walk away from yarself && yar past. you can show the world you are something and somebody by doing the RIGHT thing.
you will learn who's going to be there at the shittest time of yar life..&& who is ready to walk away without looking back on you. you will learn who loves you && who doesnt. you will learn what it's like to feel triumph && strength. you will learn tat the only person in tiz entire world tat can destroy you, everything about you right down to yar own imagination is YOURSELF..and you will realize how strong you are..to not only over come fight against yar everyday problems, but how to fight against something tat means alooot..tat is something! && tat someone is HIM. :o

[[i realized tat i've been too honest about my emotions towards everybody lately..and i've forgotten my PRIDE. errrmm..]]


igatmate said...

u ate ur pride igat? good for u!
i salute the person who made u do that!

btw, how was the taste? =)

Kattt said...

Sht up! forget about pride, beauty.