i have grrlfriends!

a simple w0rd isnt it? it's uttered everyday to alm0st every pers0n imaginable..who are yar friends?

i used to think that friends were the pe0ple that y0u c0uld laugh en talk to..n0w i kn0w that friends arent that..they're the pe0ple that t0uch yar heart..y0u c0uld spend h0urs wit them d0ing n0thing at all..en it can be the best time of yar life..just because y0u were wit them..they're the pe0ple y0u can share yar secrets wit, cry wit, laugh wit, && just have fun wit!..they d0nt judge y0u..they accept y0u exactly as y0u are..they l0ok at y0u en they see a great pers0n..they l0ve spending time wit you. y0u have al0oot of differences, but y0u are tied t0gether by memories, tears, laughs, en smiles..y0u are tied together by l0ve f0r the each other..

friendship is the strangest..but greatest thing in the world!

i find my time wit my grrlfriends, the best times of my life..my friends are my heart, my s0ul, my fun, my laughter, tears, l0ve, en my life. :j

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igatmate said...

ur welcome!!!

hehehe peeeelingon ko noh? hehe