xo far..tiz is the oldest i have ever been. XD

it's already my special day of January.
i've been thinking of things coming && going in tiz series called life.

each day tat passes by, it draws me away from being youthful..&& pushes me to grow..&& let maturity succumb into me.
xo many things to achieve..yet xo little time. :c

i've crossed into realizations as i foresee a further turn in my existence, where i have to leave things off && make another start..a brand new better start.

my life has been like a ferris wheel wit xo many ups && downs..yet it seemed to be a rounding voyage, wherein i constantly end at the same place..sitting at the same corner..&& crying over spilled milk. :l

last night, i got tired of all the chats && fancy websites..networking is another world of fiction. we can never tell which is real && which is not..but for some, it's another diversion..to express our emotional turmoil or frustrations.
perhaps i should start my own stuffs or make my page worth viewing? [[talking bout internet. lol]] or just blog && blog && blog..and keeping me stuck into my self-imposed oblivion. [[right!]]

to start && end wit..what else? GOSSIPS.
well, it doesnt matter what other people think or say.

what matters is..i've made the most of what i have.
i had fun.
i learned from what i've done..&& i lived through it all despite the gossips && intrigues. and tat's being REAL..living a life fearless of other people's shadow.

just keeping it real. ü
*two thumbs up*

the truth is..years ago, i used to get frustrated whenever i got teased by my imperfections. but now, i just laugh at it..i dont have to be perfect..for it is more than wonderful to be accepted && loved by the people who matter to me despite my flaws..&& to be appreciated including my weakness.. XD

now, i celebrate my 22nd year of living..of being homo sapien && REAL..of being beautiful && ugly..and on top of it, i celebrate my being ME:
not perfect but enough to love && be loved in return.

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Anonymous said...

Another thumb up for you.