hey you! no..not you. to your left. yes, you! yes..ohh..no. there. you! yes. dude, ILY.

you have no idea how much you mean to me.

i know i can get stupid sometimes.
i know i can get even strange sometimes.
i know i can get lonely sometimes.
but hell! am lucky to have you around && not do these things all alone.

maybe now we're a little bit broken inside..we knew why, but our relationship is too strong to be beaten up by an effing stupid reason. i know we'll make it && get back as we were because i would die..believe me, if you would see something differently just because something stupid got in our way..tat thing is not worth for us to become different.

you changed my life, i admit it. you came, you brightened it up, you made me appreciate every moment of it, just by staying around..

shit dude. i love you like hell!

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