i believe in "love at first sight",) because i have loved you the moment i opened my eyes.. ♥

like most mother-daughter relationship..we also had our share of ups && downs. we had petty arguments && rebellious tendencies. she was the one who endured the most..i never had the patience to erase pride..even saying sorry is a lot of effort for my part. yet, she never really gave up on me..

i gave her pain while she gave me strength. i gave her sleepless nights while she laid comfort for me. i gave her worry while she gave me her trust.

all of us grew up xo close to each other. we were all embraced by my parents' love. it has always been hard for me to be away from them. we gave each other the comfort of having to have a family behind every step of the way. i couldnt ask for more. i couldnt think of anything to bargain for tiz.

i wish everyday is mother's day xo i would be reminded to be thankful of my mom..i'll try to make everyday easier for her. she has endured a lot for us && she deserves to reap good things from it. i have helped her in a lot of ways, i have sacrificed a lot of things but still nothing can compare to the help and sacrifice she did.

am proud i have Erlie as my mom.

&& i know she'll really move mountains..if i want them out of my way! ü

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