i had a dream..&& it turned out to be sort of realization. maybe i really need to hit the gas a little easy && slow.

the irony is tat i feel xoo happy && complete whenever he is around me..but i dont think he is. like his previous post, he is bored..for spending hours on the net, he marked. yuhh. while i am there in the room waiting for him to squeeze my stressess off. well..i guess he does not know the power of his tight hugs. i miss him badly whenever am at work. but him? he even confessed tat he is not the kind of mammal who easily misses someone..yuhh right! how absurd.
he always makes me feel the "gender differences".) but hey dude?! does expressing how you feel makes you gay?? tell me. tell me! because i will advise my guy friends who are doing exactly what you CANNOT fulfill. [[kapuja ika deal aneng tao nga dili nahan mu cooperate]]!

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