lay down..

i already gave myself a year to adjust to tiz newfound niche. i really hope i could stay longer..because i hava feeling tat i am not going to last in tiz current position.
my instinct tells me tat tiz is just the beginning of my real journey. :p
whatever the outcome may be..i am not denying the feeling of being delightful cause it's pretty obvious in my eyes tat i really am glad about my decision..i guess, i just grew up. XD i am no longer the girl version of tat infamous fairytale character who never wanted to grow up. in my case, maturity strikes at 22..am just a late bloomer.

having the kind of life tat i have right now..i have xo many things to sacrifice. i might not be home for Christmas and New Year like i was never home on my 20th birthday..i might not have a fruitful summer vacation like what i had two years ago..&& i may not have various travels like what i had last year. i might not see my family on holy week because am just starting to build up my career..tiz damn career is really killing me. my freedom is no longer mine. *sigh*. but the good thing is..i can somehow stand on my own feet in some aspect of my psyche. dang! am really going to miss those happier days..wish i could press rewind. (~_\\\

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