picking up the pieces..&& realizing the he stole most of them..

doncha hate it when the one you love doesnt feel the same way??
doesnt it make you feel stupid when you stare longingly after it was all over..&& you know it will never be the same again..but you cant help but want to be by his side!?

i want everything to be the way it used to be..
when he texts me..i feel xooo happy. yet couldnt explain to anyone, for fear tat they wouldnt understand or they would just laugh.
&& even after monthsss of saying "am fine"..i still sometimes think back and cry myself to sleep. and as much as i want to yell && be mad at him..i know i could never do it..because even just by thinking of some sweet things he did, or even just by reading all his previous sms..i get a goofy smile on my face.
..then i want him all over again.

&& as much as the "move on" thingy is suggested..there is a part of me tat just doesnt want to ever let go.. :s
i know tat i have to learn to say goodbye to the person who said goodbye to me..but people just dont understand tat no matter how hard i try, i always have a little ray of hope tat he will become the person in my future. :o

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