i remember the boy..

saw tiz pic somewhere..&& it made me think how could tiz girl be in love wit her guy..

she could be someone a guy needs in his life..someone who'll actually stay. no drama. no backstabbing. just STRAIGHT UP REAL. someone who'll go on adventures && experience new things wit him. someone who is willing to go through ups && downs..and never leave when things get tough. someone who'll actually take time && effort to be part of his life.
i heard guys like tat kinda person.

seeing her change for tat one person..whether it's to stop partying, drinking, or even to stop smoking, and maybe even something small like to stop swearing..just proves tat when it comes down to it, she would do whatever to see "tat" person happy.
stopping habits is a hard thing to do..&& to see her actually doing tat FOR her love is really attractive to the everyone..

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