are you in, or out?

L-R: Lilet Timoteo, Relc Reyes, Shahana Uy
at Cebu Puericulture Center and Maternity House Inc.

everyone's getting pregnant na ngarud! Bree's gonna deliver by December or January, Nony && master Cid on early next year too, Meng² will have hers at mid year. Tala will be injected soon..April perhaps? even our ex-Overall Manager! it's like from OM to TM to SR to agent. hah! contagious? >.<
even my dearest friend, Mira Mezza..the only time i found out was when she texted me tat i'll be one of the godmothers to her precious angel. [[if dili ma ninang, dili ku kebao jed..lol]]
i was browsing the net lately, && noticed some of my friends back in Visayas are pregnant as well..some of them even delivered na! ö

am i left behind? or the left LUCKY one? XD

pregnancy is not easy. hey! i've studied tat.
imagine those complications tat you might incur during && after delivery? post-partum depression is the worst. scary. but apart from those psychological && emotional things, i just cant imagine myself bearing a child wit a huge bulge on my tummy for 9 months..tat's physique. && on top most, i wanna be financially ready. imma smart girl..xo i dont really do dumb decisions wit such serious stuff like tat. yea!

going back, i noticed tat the older the years, the younger the people are getting pregnant. it's a sad news.
lucky are those who passed all tat. hummmmm.. :p

i understand tat life gets boring && dull every time we add a year to our age..but tat doesnt mean tat getting pregnant is the key to cure boredom. though i do get the point tat love making can really fix it..BUT! in couple of minutes, hours ONLY? how about the lifetime consequence of racing a child the moment you have one?? haiee..you may not agree, but tat's my point of view..coming from someone who cannot even take care of her own damn self. alas!

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