it isnt over yet. BUT

remember when she said i love you? she wasnt lying.

remember all the times she said she needs you? they were all true.

remember when you used to talk for hours && tell each other everything? she misses tat. she misses you. but someone or something always seemed to be against the both of you. :c

remember when she used to tell you tat you gave her butterflies? she still does. whenever ya'r texting her..she still feels her blood come alive. you still make her nervous..yar presence, in whatever way, still makes her tense..always!

remember the first conversation when you both started to like each other but thought you didnt have a chance? she guesses now, tat's true.

remember when you wanted to kiss her? she wishes you still feel tat way.

she used to leave letters every time either of you get upset..whoever the fault is.
you used to make her turn red almost every time you do something tat makes her tummy crumble. perhaps she used to be the girl you blahed over before. perhaps she used to be the girl you wanted next to you. she used to be the girl whom you would tell yar dreams to. perhaps she used to be the girl you knew everything about. she used to be yar best friend. she used to be the girl you said you had true love for. but! the key word there is "used". meaning: she is no longer..just a mere part of yar past who doesnt belong in yar future.
you have a new girl now..someone who maybe is not shy around, someone who can get along well wit yar pals, tat maybe makes you feel special. but remember..i used to be tat girl. :p

maybe the girl is better for you..maybe the girl has things 'SHE' doesnt have..but someday, someone will break yar heart..&& amazingly she'll still be there to put it back together. someday, you'll realize tat without her..yar life would be different. maybe better, maybe worse. maybe she should quit you? but even if she could..she doesnt think she would.
you mean more to her than she can even explain.
twas like when she talked to you..she can finally breathe. when she didnt even want to smile..you can make her laugh. when she lied to cover the pain..you saw through it..

..&& tat's what made her life. && at the same time the reason why she is holding on.. ö

PS: tiz was my letter given to someone whom i dont even know if he kept it or just threw it away like some random trash. i was trying to patch up everything together hoping i could post something as good as the one i have written first..

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