tiz work thang..

have you been in a place where everything is new to you? she had.
she had been to a place where she is the stranger && everything around her feels new. xo yea, tiz work thang..
sometimes, if the higher management asked you to transfer to a different Line of Business..all you can do is give a big sigh, move yar fat ass, && hope tat it was just a bad dream. or if it isnt, then just hope && think of boomerang. nice played.

she agreed for some reason, like to find herself && experience life outside her circle..since she likes travelling a lot, she embraces adventures && risks. she may be really quite && shy at first, but she is strong..she can keep up! she has been on tiz incredible journey && she has seen and learned xo much.
wit tiz new environment, she even met new friends, new family..her new supervisor, Your Highness, is really nice. made her think tat in one way or another..she is lucky to meet her new team. n_n

she may say tat tiz new LOB is a little boring && an impatient Mecerecler doesnt really belong, but wit her new mates by her side, she guesses she can make tiz worthwhile. XD

too bad she had to work for 7 consecutive effin' days, because of some psycho scheduler. ugh.
positive side: SHE MADE IT! see?! she's a tough girl! :p

KB Royalties during Dark Training

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