because he has been a full-time friend..

why dya like to spend time wit me?

because you can do what no one else can..you make me feel like me. wit you, i dont have to put on a fake personality to try && fit in. if i find something funny when am wit you, i just laugh. if am being stupid, you'll tell me. if i trip && fall, you'll laugh..then help me up && give me a hug, which is exactly what i need [[remember?]]. if am upset, you'll ask me what's wrong && instead of letting me cry for hours about it, you'll say something tat makes me laugh && forget about being upset immediately [[no one else can do tat]]. wit you, i dont have to pretend to be someone am not..i can just be me && i love tat feeling! if am in trouble, you'd be there to help me through it. if i lose faith in myself, i know you have faith in me. when am wit you, it's just fun! i dont have to worry about being someone who knows everything, or someone tat's loud && hyper. i am just me!
&& i love spending time wit you because even though i have a lot of flaws && am far from perfect..you still accept me as me, which is something no one else does. awww.. ♥

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