c0mf0rt z0ne hang.over..

i was able to hit the bus en the ship last night..but i was wayyy early!..i waited f0r like 30minutes to get the bus m0ving..en an h0ur f0r the ship to sail!..crap!!..err
am an impatient pers0n..erg0..i hate waiting!..

15h0urs already have passed..but until n0w i can still feel the effing waves that made me dr0wsy last night!..
[[i have m0ti0n sickness..it runs thr0ugh our bl0od.. :c]]

i feel like am fl0ating or s0mething..&& i hate it!..
i cann0t c0ncentrate..&& ama li'l scared that i might just fall off the fl0or any time by n0w..this is sh*t!..

&& what suxx m0re is that i badly miss my c0mf0rt z0ne!..

i wanna go h0me..i wanna relax && stay out fr0m this busy w0rld..
i just wanna be with my family..&& n0thing m0re.. (T_\\\

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igatmate said...

it's alwys like that girl. antos lng... hapit na lgi. laag lng gyud ta ani pra makalimtan ang tanang kasakit. hehe