baby b0i turns..BIG b0i..

our 'real superman' is 7 n0w!..

just g0t a simple family celebrati0n..
may 12th wh0res!!..

bein' wit my family will always be the c0olest!..i'd really l0ve to stay..but i still g0t my effing summer class to finish..grr

am already a day absent..meaning..3 day extensi0n!?..meaning..i have to pay 630php..en that's b*tch!..

but i d0n't care..as l0ng as am wit my family..i g0t n0thing m0re to ask.. ü

1 comment:

igatmate said...

ing greet bya ko ni b-boi ani. hehe
cute au sya relc.

ako nya na syang huwaton. =P