d0ing my research?

ohkee..i really have n0thing to say..but a few pe0ple have been after me to update xo..i'll put s0mething at least..

yuhh..sk0ol is pretty b0ring..&& my classes are worse!..
f0rtunately..my friends are the c0olest && very sweet for doin' xo much fo me..e.g signing me in even th0ugh am n0t ar0und.. XD

our teacher isn't ar0und f0r 2 days n0w xo i can get in && out of the sk0ol.. :j
but hell!..we g0t a fl0ating teacher to give us stuffs to d0..erg0..am kinda pissed off..

p0op 0n that!..uhh..am planning to go h0me [[c0mf0rt z0ne]] t0m0rr0w..xo i think..i'll be absent 0n min0rs..but i w0rry n0t cause i kn0w my buddies will be there to punch me in.. :p



igatmate said...

mao ka relc! nag salig na naay mu pirma nimo! ug usa na ko ana...

shei said...

salig jd ning bayota daaaa