did y0u ever fall f0r s0me0ne y0u kn0w y0u sh0uldnt?
try hard to fight yar feelings..but y0u just c0uldnt?
y0u fall deeper wit each passing day
but try to hide it in every p0ssible way
'he's only a friend..&& n0thing else..'
that's the lie y0u keeping telling y0urself
y0u keep 0n saying he's just a bud..
but deep inside..y0u're falling in l0ve..
y0u get x0o giddy when y0u meet his eyes
but keep reminding y0urself it isnt right..

a simple glance turns into a stare
but y0u pretned that y0u d0nt care
it's 'n0t right' f0r y0u two to be..
is that why y0u hide it xo n0 one can see??
but h0w l0ng will y0u pretend?
keep lying that he's just a friend..

perhaps y0ur feelings can never sh0w
perhaps it's 'wrong' f0r him to kn0w
y0ur friendship cant be risked over this
xo being his girl is an imp0ssible wish..


igatmate said...

i love this! cute. nice kaau.

karon pa ko ka-notice, poetic mn d i ka... hehe

himo-e sad ko poem relky! share ur talent sad oie

shei said...

mkarelate lmn ta.
suya ko daaaa
copy paste ko, pwd???