pr0blems..pr0blems..is this all i can get fr0m this stupid w0rld?!..

my c0ping mechanism is bec0ming weaker..each day m0re && m0re i bec0me stagnant && mysteri0us..m0re && m0re pr0blems are c0ming my way..
&& i've been having hard time dealing with it.. :s

everynight i cry myself to sleep thinking of h0w to manage my stress0rs..am scared that 0ne day..i might find myself m0re than just a verbal suicidal.. ö

to ease myself..i usually text qu0tes to pe0ple of h0w bad i feel or h0w b0ring && cruel life c0uld be..
s0meh0w..s0meway..i feel better..n0t because i have burst my feelings out..but because i have c0me to realize of h0w greatful i am having friends that i have right n0w..that n0 matter h0w far they are..they will still be there f0r me..
it was very heart-warming especially to th0se who have shared their th0ughts..

but as usual..n0thing can change my feelings..my weird stupid em0ti0ns..

i h0nestly d0nt kn0w h0w to fight anym0re..as of this very m0ment..am just fl0ating && depending 0n where w0uld the wind take me..
maybe..just maybe by this way..i can m0ve 0n..i can start a new && better life..


igatmate said...

time will tell... always remmber. =)

shei said...

ayw plabi s gibati yot
lisod n, bsin kmi mo admit nimo s psych s dli madugay. lolx!