where w0uld i start??

lately i was kinda like manic-depressive f0r s0me unexplained feelings that i was encountering..i was having hard time updating my bl0g because i can't seem to c0ncentrate!..neither phrases n0r w0rds go into my system..erg0..i do n0t kn0w what to write ab0ut..luckily i was able to overc0me it..uhh..did i??..really?!..

ohkee..xo where do i start?..

my very summer flirt!..hihi

well..nyahahh!! =))
can i jst keep it??..pap-pa-pp-p-pleasssseee.. ♥

but anyways..bef0re i arrived here in cebu..s0mething strange happened in my life that even myself cann0t c0nstrue.. :s

i was talking to my ch0re0grapher when suddenly i cann0t halt my tears fr0m falling..
xo em0 huh!?..yuhh..that's me..very small-hearted..easily gets affected.. (+_\\\

&& just after our sh0rt heartfelt c0nversati0n..my w0rld suddenly crushed && i began to realize what i have effing l0st..

[[i hate sk0ol!!..damn to the creat0r of educati0n!!..
s/he is the b0ringest pers0n in the universe..jaja!..
i wanna tatt0o each && every part of her/his b0dy..&& freakin' put her/him in MRI!!..

&& until n0w..it effing b0thers me to death!..
i even drank a b0ttle of beast just to st0p myself fr0m thinking ab0ut it..

my friends even laughed at me f0r it has been like 3 m0nths already..summer class was over && 1st sem is ab0ut to start..but there i was..f0olishy crying.. :s

then a friend back in my c0mf0rt z0ne made me realize as he texted..
Kung ako imong pangutan-on noh, naa kay something diri's Maasin na nabilin, mao nang in-ana ka karon...
Kung unsa man gani na, imo ra jong self ang maka-tubag ana...


damn!..i can't tell..
but at the back of my mind..i was telling myself..he was x0o effing right!.. :c


igatmate said...

ka nice ani na blog igat oie! ma touch mn sad ta...

makaremmber laman ta sa atong mga hinanakit about school stuff.

separation anxiety mn kaha na? nya, wala na karon??? TIME will tell lng gyud relc. mao ra gyud na. =)

shei said...

d n jd kylngn i-mention imo summer relc ky khbw mi ga-igat2 n sad k