evening depressi0n..

i hate to say..but it's been 2 weeks since i've been having depressi0n..
meaning..since the day i arrived here in cebu..&& it's killing me!..

ohkee..a friend t0ld me that it's just my defense mechanism..uhh..part of it yes..bc0s i think she is effing right..part of it n0..since am denying it!.. ö

n0w..i've been acting stupid t0wards everyb0dy since they've been asking what is wr0ng with me..&& i freakin' cann0t answer 'em straight!..i still have to explain in detail bef0re i can take 'em 0n the right track..x0o stupid!..
pe0ple are starting to w0rry ab0ut me..&& i really did appreciate their care/c0ncern..it's just that..there's still lacking..&& what is that?..
that's s0mething i definitely cann0t tell..&& amazingly..that's the reas0n behind all things.. :l


igatmate said...

separation anxiety...

& ur deppression is ur defense mechanism. & that's the worse part.

shei said...

amaw jd bsan unsaon

mka bulok jd ang gugma relc? lolx!