FRONTPAGE! (300708 W 4.00-5.30a)

i felt x0o euph0ric after eating my pride..
i never imagined that this w0uld bring cure to s0me parts of my unhealed he♥rt..

finally..i was able to voice out of what i sh0uld have asked a week, a m0nth, a year ag0.. ö

n0w the future is depending in s0me0ne's hands..i just h0pe that whatever s0me0ne decisi0n will make..i w0uld easily accept it especially 0n the bitter side of this drama..

i am preparing myself f0r this..xo i badly h0pe that i can overc0me this as so0n as p0ssible..which i effing kn0w that it w0uld be x0o damn difficult.. :c


igatmate said...

ana gyud relc... burst out! it's never easy to stay hanging bya.

im so proud of u girl! heh...

kattt said...

Good! I told you. Pride would just make things complicated. Now, since you're on the right track. Better do it next time.
Try not to stop yourself. Just be YOU. Frank, biatch, & MEAN.