a piece of letter

Dear Love,

Who are you??

You come in different faces && still I do not recognize who you are...

You tell me to trust you, but your
absence makes it painful.

You promise to make me happy, but you give me
heartaches when i hold on..

You give me strength, but
you kill me gently.

Are you really blind not to see how much you make me
suffer ?

You say you can move mountains, but why can't you make me smile?

You are really indeed a mystery, aren't you? And I don't know who you are.
I don't know if you're
good or bad.

Do you know why??

Because when I try to
feel you, you just hurt me... :c


igatmate said...

haha! mao ni nga letter? nice sya. bahala na tissue paper lng... whats important is d thought girl. Ü

kattt said...

Is this the tissue letter, beauty?

necat0r said...

yuhh..en i wish i can slap that 'tissue' 0n his/her face!..

shei said...