laughing 0n the outside..

we're having our acquiantance party right n0w..but i didn't finish the pr0gram f0r it was getting b0red..&& we'll be partying our asses off later this midnight..hihi

but pri0r to that..my jutymates we're like..
"Dong, i thought broke ka? Happy man lagi ta??"

if they 0nly knew h0w t0ugh it is to hide the pain && pretend..

anyways..last night..i was hanging out with two of my friends namely aika && kizar..i was badly br0ke && i have n0 refuge but alc0h0l..

i am x0o freaking hurt that n0thing can c0mpare the pain that i feel right at this m0ment..n0t even a half pain of b0ne marr0w aspirati0n..
&& the thing is..it's x0o effing hard to burst out em0ti0ns..

thanks to my dear amiga aika who did understand my situati0n [[she just underwent the same pr0cess]]..

i was geddamn drunk [[yet i still kn0w what i was d0ing ohkee..just c0uldnt c0ntr0l myself anym0re..]] that i went outside the bar like 5 times just to v0mit..&& the last was the w0rst 0ne!..i attempted to v0mit 24th time..&& i v0mited like 17 times!.. :|
&& that's effed up!..

the pers0n who used to be the reas0n why i quit drinking && d0ing bad stuffs..is the same pers0n who is the reas0n why i came back.. :c


Anonymous said...

freaky friday! haha

igatmate said...

ana gyud!

laugh til u cry...
cry til there's n0 tears falling...

& enjoy life til it sucks!

bawi2 ra na. maybe today isn't ur time. but as u said...
"TIME will tell" =)

kattt said...

Oh yeah. You texted me about this. Sorry, I was kinda busy that time. I was on duty. Didn't even replied, right? My apology...

But next time, babe. I'll be the one to lift a bottle for you. ;P

shei said...

yea. khbw n ko ani, ni txt btw ka nko.
grabe jd d i inyo inom? or nbag-ohh r k?