finally!..i am able to go 0n my day with0ut that 's0me0ne's phant0m or even just a simple..
"Wa koy load, naki-text ra ko..."

hey..am x0o patient!..harhar

xo here's the thing..y0u see..am the kinda pers0n who easily get b0red..&& since am in the process of learning with0ut s0me0ne's presence..am afraid that 0ne day..i might learn to live with it..


igatmate said...

better start to LIVE w/ it relky. it's for ur own good... =)

kattt said...

Now that's bullsh*t. Do not learn, babe, live with it!

It's not worth your time. If s/he can go dayssssss without you, why can't you then? If s/he can't afford to let you feel even a little of his/her presence, then why settle for "someone" who does not care at all???

Com'on! We're not on TV, okay? Not those teenie-love stories that after all those hardships, everything would go smoothly and would go like "happily ever after". NO!
It's not worth the wait, beauty. Trust me.

But try to talk about it, lower your f*cking pride! Go and ditch his/her stupidity.

shei said...

btw relc
pg talk dw mo, ng pares lng ai..
mura jd mo buang, maau jd mo pakugon!