YOU d0nt gimme reas0n to h0ld 0n..but i cant find a reas0n to let go either..

am x0o n0t ohkee..i just cant stand him!..grr

but ab0ve all..i kn0w it's my fault..

i'd really wish i can directly talk to him..
ama frank pers0n y0u kn0w!?..but am x0o l0ser when it c0mes to this matter..pride is my weakness..err!

cant dare even just a simple..
"Kinsay d.i imong kauban?"

hala!..if this will take l0ng..then g0odluck m0i!.. ö


just said...

unsaon n lng ang pride miga?

necat0r said...

lge..fafaanu nah lang..

gi.atai ani uist!.. :|

igatmate said...

loser ka when it comes to ur pride, but then LOSER sya if he'll let u go after everything...
ikaw na mismo ng sulti nka ana.