start of my week..

a very maundy m0nday.. :s

first off..i was late to get up..never th0ught that my cp cl0ck changed!?..wtf!..thus late in maj0r class..again..grr

then i was kinda b0red in sch0ol..i even slept in the middle of discussi0n.. ö
&& c0me to think of it..our t0pic was quite interesting..psych0sexual thingy?..hmmpf
but anyways..i slept ohkee..&& i hate it..

xo afterwhich..went h0me && slept again..n0t minding the 'prelim' right after the lunchbreak..

ohkee..i g0t up late..again!..still haven't fix myself yet..n0 lunch..n0t anything!..uhh..xo as i aw0ke..everything was kinda swift..as in superb swift!..to the extent that i havent eaten the wh0le meal..

then there i came..c0nfused of what ro0m to go in..still neither d0t n0r candice n0r gyzel shad0ws appear..
then i realize..i wasn't that late yet..freak!..
up0n waiting..i was kinda reading stuffs since it's 'prelim' lge..then came the three pals..

then 0ne of them suddenly asked:
What are you doing?

i marked:
Scanning? I haven't studied anything yet!

then laughing..&& laughing..&& laughing to death!..as they said:
Girl, our sched is 0n wednesday 1:00-2:30pm. Chill yot!

WTF! palpak!

arrgh..i feel like jumping 0n the r0of!..&& xo i decided to study f0r the next subject [[sure na jud ko ani!..mag prelim na jud ni..]]..but then..again..i g0t lazy..&& lucky en0ugh f0r the exam was n0t that t0ugh..i finished ahead of time..&& g0t hungry..

ka0n ka0n ka0n..
0ne of my h0bby..

then we [[d0t && m0i]] waited f0r m0re than an h0ur f0r the last subject..
i w0uld really be ann0yed of waiting that l0ng..but since it was prelim..then i g0t n0thing to do but to sit ar0und that crunky bench && wait f0r the sun to split in half.. :s
oh yeah!..i badly need to attend that effing class jud cause it'll be my sec0nd time to meet the teacher..meaning..i haven't j0ined class since the first meeting.. ö

xo then..the chapter of my b0ring && effing day hasn't finish yet..i still g0t al0o0t of stuffs to d0..til then!..



igatmate said...

hehe. c aw au ka relc oie!
ambot na lng gud ug mu sanay nang imong lahi. haha! =P

kattt said...

Funny. Crazy biatch!

shei said...

mao n dra ky ng inangatz n pd! bwahaha!