why why??

why is it x0o effing t0ugh to ask 0ne simple questi0n??..

why is it have to be like this??..

i hate my pride jud!..it's killing me!!..grr

the truth is..am really b0thered of what my friend just told me 2 nights ag0..she t0ld me s0mething that really hurt my b0nes..
it's n0t jeal0usy..but rather..dismay..

i really wish i didn't open it to my friend..but s0meh0w am still thankful..at least by n0w..i w0n't be like a f0ol who runs my life with0ut kn0wing of h0w pe0ple might react..n0w..i can predict/guess of what pe0ple might say/think..&& h0pefully i can get use to it..&& accept whatever c0nsequences it may be.. :c

but ab0ve all..i'd really wish to clear everything..xo as n0t to leave me hanging, c0nfused, && b0thered.. :s
i'd really wish i can dare talk/ask him..

but my pride's blocking my way..&& i effing hate it!..


igatmate said...

mao na dra karon relc...
u act like that bec u want him to find out. pro guys often, they really dont care. trust me.
stupid bya na cla.

pro cge lng... juz like what u said, let him realize ur worth.
if not, then L-O-S-E-R gyud na sya. hehe

luv u igat! =X

kattt said...

Pride, your weakness.

If you can't dare to talk or open up, just look for "Kattt" on your phonebook, I'll the one to crack one's ass. ;P Believe me. I will only do this favor exclusively to biatches.