AMBIVALENCE: cut or c0ntinue ??

n0thing's really up lately..uhh..everything's d0wn actually.. ö

p0op 0n that!..n0t much drama n0w.. :D

i was planning to sh0rten my hair nah..hihi
[[mao nai ma-think sa mga ta0ng wai linga0..hekhek]]

&& as i was telling my friends about it..they were like..
'Are you out of your geddamned mind?!
NO Relc! Nooo...
You're just br0ke..but please do not let your hair suffer..

haha! funny sh*t.
but i think they are precisely right..

but that d0nt mean that am deciding n0t to cut my hair..am still p0ndering it..
i kn0w it's sayang..but then..it affects my ADL's nah jud.. really.
[[kapui mg.maintain uist!]]

ohkee..let's do it this way..hit me a comment..then i'll decide..
c0ols? ü


Anonymous said...

anythng u want..... bagay mn both.

node said...

no don't cut it just let it be haha astig ng long hair=)

shei said...

short lng relc pra sumthng new n pd.

Anonymous said...

short means u r not bound by a leash by society...

vote = short

necat0r said...

tengxx f0r d c0mment guys..

an0nym0us → an0nym0us jud kah..ala kui idea ug kinxa ka0..hihi

d0n → i'll keep that in mind..

shei → s0mething new lge..pro scary mn gud..

r0okie → pna.an0nym0us pah..hihi
nice qu0te..lurrve it! :D

KEEP IT COMING guys! [[while dli pah sept]]
d0nt wanna regret lge..

Anonymous said...

ok rana.. imu btaw na buhok.. di bitaw ako! wahaha

Anonymous said...

hehehehe... don't know if angayan ka og short hair gud.. :D how short is SHORT, anyways? -dodz

babaBLACKsheep said...

ayw lng yot oie! sayang mn gud.. nice mn. kaau! suya gni q.

necat0r said...

kuan dude..uhh..
ab0ve or bel0w sh0ulders..i still d0nt kn0w jud.. :?

pro m0re likely..ab0ve sh0ulders..kana em0 style bah..hihi

ambut lgeg mu.bagai bah.. :?

Anonymous said...

sAyAnG kaaU anG gAstO reLc. hehe!
dAghaN rA bA mKaLingi aNa...bisaN akO cOus.
jUst Let it reLcky.


el filibusterismo said...

cge relc. pra sumthng new nsad. =D
kna "emo" look. adto lng sa bench fix. nya, pakit-a nya ko.
if nahan ko, mgpa-putol sad ko. toinks!
kapoy btw mg cge ug hairnet. as n!

Anonymous said...

hi ling... unsay ayu?? musta studies???