p0sitive to INSANITY..gimme PEACE of MIND!

&& i d0nt kn0w why am making this bl0g..n0nsense..i kn0w..

i feel terrible..&& am stuck!..stuck 0n s0mething i sh0uldn't be..
&& why is that?..i d0nt kn0w..
what am i really up t0?..grrr..d0nt kn0w..
b0thering. b0thering. b0thering.
yuhh..s0mething's b0thering..

used up?..wh0??..me?..
but..am n0t sure..
it's killing!..

drama?..i d0nt actually go f0r a drama..
but.. but.. but.. there are x0o many BUTs..
waaaaaaaaah..shut up!


kattt said...

I accidentally hit the link on your profile, but since I'm here na, comment na lang me.

You're used up? hmmmmm
Is that legal? I mean, did s/he asked for your consent?

necat0r said...

s/he had my c0nsent..the thing is 'used up' isn't part of it.. :|