h0me sweet h0mie..

didn't really had en0ugh sleep [[which i already expected]]..the m0ment i arrived here..i knew that the f0ll0wing days w0uld be 'sm0king drunkard graveyard ins0mniacs'..
&& xo as i stepped outta ship..went directly to plaza && had s0me b0ttles of beast wit my tr0upemates..

sh*t!..he was there t0o!..grr!..&& i hate it!..am n0t prepared of seeing his face y0u kn0w..&& xo i pretend..i neither sp0ke n0r l0oked at him..yei!..at least..

last night was freak..twas urbandub c0ncert..w0re this tiny sh0rts && a tee saying if y0u d0nt like what am wearing..feel free to undress me.. && everyb0dy were sh0ck..nyahahh! =))
i guess i sh0uld've warn 'em..hihi..fr0nt page again?!..

been my sec0nd day-slash-last day here in my c0mf0rt z0ne..still have a th0ught in mind of n0t g0ing back to cebu yet..classes will start 0n tuesday anyways..but then..as i th0ught..i d0nt think i can really do my sk0ol stuffs here.. [[to finish my edpmt pr0ject && to study f0r our chd midterm exam..&& hell it's b0ring!..]]
haven't g0t my ticket yet..xo am kinda into thinking n0w..

AMBIVALENCE AGAIN !!..which is 0ne of the hallmarks in schiz0phrenic patients.. ö

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igatmate said...

lain lgi sad ka og makauli kay dli na nahan mo balik noh??? hehehe
btaw, mao gyud na akong na bantayan nimo igat...