i d0nt bel0ng..

after spending three days && two nights in my c0mf0rt z0ne [[mantahan]], i have finally come to realize..i badly needed to take a break!

acc0rding to my dear friends..i have pr0blems tat's why am trying to escape fr0m the busy life in ubec, especially tiz effing sk0ol stuff! :s

maybe ubec isnt my niche..i just cant seem to find it!
i d0nt kn0w where i really stand..
i CANNOT breathe!

do y0u kn0w tat i wanted to cry my h<3rt out f0r n0 particular reas0n?? really. ö am p0sitive to insanity! because the truth is, i pers0nally && exactly kn0w why i wanted to cry..am just denying it..

i feel tat s0mething is really missing..

oh c0m'on! am n0t talking b0ut the "new managemnt lad" aiight?? am c0ol even just a glimpse of him..
what am talking is s0mething is really really lacking. s0mething's wr0ng in the picture..en m0st of all, s0mething's wr0ng in the r0le tat am trying to p0rtray..

dang! what is tiz?!
tiz feeling of emptiness is starting to get into my nerves..

lately..am bec0ming em0ti0nal && sensitive..
there's s0mething ab0ut ubec tat c0uld really make me psych0!
perhaps because i DO NOT bel0ng here..

tiz is xo0o effing getting WORSE!

1 comment:

igatmate said...

ok ra na oie!
makauli ra lgi ka anytime soon if time permits u so... =)