when SHE..

when SHE is quiet..
milli0ns of things are running in her mind

when SHE is n0t arguing..
SHE is thinking deeply

when SHE l0oks at u wit eyes full of questi0ns..
SHE is w0ndering h0w l0ng y0u will be ar0und

when SHE answers..'am fine' after a few sec0nds..
SHE is n0t at all fine

when SHE stares at y0u..
SHE is w0ndering why you are lying

when SHE lays 0n y0ur chest..
SHE is wishing f0r y0u to be hers f0rever

when SHE calls y0u everyday..
SHE is seeking f0r y0ur attention

when SHE sms's y0u everyday..
SHE wants y0u to reply at least 0nce

when SHE says i love you..
SHE means it

when SHE says that she cant live with0ut y0u..
SHE has made up her mind that y0u are her future

when SHE says i miss you..
n0 0ne in this w0rld can miss y0u m0re than that!..


igatmate said...

asa na mn akong poem oie??? =(

kattt said...

I love this!
Can I use this one, too? J/K!

necat0r said...

if i hav time..then i'l make 0ne fo u..xmas..puede??..hihi

node said...

yoh bro emo na ta run ah??? hehe nice one kip up the gud work

shei said...

ana relc.
hatag jd ug clue ky d rba k ktgo mo pgwas s imo emotions. i-blog n lng nunay