i need a break!

i do have a dilemma.
my ro0mate was effing right! tat's what we always do when there are s0me deviati0ns in our life plan — g0ing back to our c0mf0rt z0ne..

my pr0blem is tat am t0o happy when humans surr0und me..[[intermissi0n sa..samuka aneng langao ui! ga libut² sa ahung atubangan..na ligu man pud ku..arrgh!]] && am afraid tat when they're n0 l0nger in sight..tears w0uld start to invade my l0nely eyes..

my mask might fall..

i even envy th0se who wear masc0ts f0r their smiles are placed f0rever 0n their faces..but d0nt get me wr0ng..am happy ohkee? err..at least am trying to be..

it's just tat i fear of l0sing everything — my family && friends tat m0ney cant buy — in just a blink of an eye..

i do have insecurities..in fact, i have many..

t0o many h0pes && dreams.
t0o many heartbreaks && br0ken pr0mises.
t0o many lies && excuses.
t0o many unrequited l0ve. t0o many peep0l. t0o many masks.

i wanna change while every0ne's busy wit their expensive lives..i always wanna go against the fl0w..i want to be free..i wanna be ME! but pe0ple will talk..always talk.

i badly need to take a break! :c

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igatmate said...

have a break. have a kitkat... =)