there's no place like HOME..

xo! she can finally get to talk about her short vacation && her funassfilled mini-party tat her family threw for her at their tiny hood..

dude, her family is the effing best evurrr! they had tiz exclusive family celebration. && yea! twas crazy, wacko, && super fun! twas really daft to keep track of everyone..she was mainly focused on her taller-than-her younger sister && brother..she just friggin' missed them xooo bad! ♥

xo all the time she was there, momma always served a very delicious meal [[which she mostly paid herself! nyahahh]] but it was okay cause she got to eat all those different kinds of isda in its different putahe which she havent eaten for like years now..&& ofcourse, who would forget the desserts? =)' deym! but the kinilaw && sinugbang isda are mouth-watering! [[makes me crave for one NOW. >.<]]

then they went around the place she used to hangout && met the "long-time-no-see" people..&& holy crap it was a blast! no time was wasted..all the days were awesome && they really meant it.
you see..it was almost 2 years since she spent time wit her family..xo obviously everyone kinda misses her pretty much..she just really wished tat she was able to attend her friends' parties. hell! it might be a lot fun!

but tat was fine..spending her time wit her family was still the BEST decision she made. n_n

now she's missing those guys again.. :c
she hopes shobe will post the pix sooner.

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