her mind is still unwinding && not yet set to get back to work && focus from an eon time of fun and exciting vacation. she can still feel like she wants to loosen up && get a lot of sleep, food to eat, && travel one place to another. she can still remember how loud they laughed in outdoors && how unraveling chilling inside doors.

she thought it was only her who felt the irresistible moments of rest && sleep, but she can see through her colleagues' gazing eyes && woeful expressions how they hoped it wasnt the first day of their shift..yea, First Day Syndrome. back to work, back to calls, back to reality, && goodbye good days. [[more calls, more fun ang show tih!]]

but she mainly was the one who felt agitated getting back to work after a long vacation. her mind and body havent recovered from laziness to muzziness..but despite all tat, she was able to manage && urge herself to do her work at her very best. sup Meng² even laughed at her because her End Of The Day numbers didnt look pretty good.. >.< thus ended up calling her a temporary "newbie"..whew! she doesnt want to screw the stats..her supervisor's bonus depends on the performance of the team.

everyday is never too easy && never too hard for them to work especially in keeping up wit their scorecards && wit the guidance of their supervisor in her prominent decisive && an observable eye-catching beauty. it wasnt tat busy && queuing tat day..xo they were able to get most of their auxes..team meeting? extended lunch? yep! they had tat! XD
they can relax at least.. n_n

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