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Sa Akong mga Bisaya Nga mga Higala
By: Jade Mahusay Quijote
Yesterday at 5:59am

Once and for all we have to take an active action towards these ignorant people who makes being a "Bisaya" an excuse for being dumb.
.... On the Feb. 28, Saturday show of Wowowee, one of the dancers mispronounced "Cherish" and was corrected by one of the cohosts. She then grabbed the mic and said "Bisaya kami, Bisaya" and everybody started laughing!
....Okay I am a Bisaya, working abroad with other Filipinos from different regions. I don't want to go into a lengthy debate as to who is the better English speaker. But as a Bisaya who knows what a Bisaya can do, it really pissed me off to hear her cover up her being a Moron by using the " I am a Bisaya". But at the same time, it amuses me a lot that these ignorant people doesn't really know anything about the Visayas region and the people living there! If all those squirming half naked dumb girls are really Bisayas, shame on them for using their being a Bisaya an excuse for being dumb! But if they are not Bisayas after all, shame on their ignorance!!!
This dancer is showing her ignorance all over the world. And because she is an ignorant dancer working with ABS-CBN, this also reflects the ignorance of the network for airing a program with such a derogatory remark. Their employees' actions are the networks responsibility. And because they aired this, it means ABS-CBN is also showing their ignorance all over the world.
And if I might remind ABS-CBN, your channel is widely watched in the Visayas. Don't you think you have to do something about this?
When Desperate Housewife aired an episode where a cast made a derogatory remark about the Filipino doctors, we screamed "Foul, Racism". Doesn't this incident count as one?
Fellow Bisayas, don't you think so? Don't you think it is time these ignorant morons make a public apology to us?

Let's shout "FOUL...PUBLIC APOLOGY!!!"

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Lubi said...

Maayo man ang mga Bisaya. Ituboy nato ang atong pagkaBisaya.