pink d0lphin!

in lake calcasieu, l0uisiana..a w0nder w0rthy of hello kitty has been disc0vered!

a pink d0lphin!

we shit you not!

the d0lphin's "stunningly pink" c0l0r is the result of albinism..which is indicated by its red eyes as well as its pink skin.
d0nt w0rry..the d0lphin is t0tally healthy. he's just pink! :)

charter b0at captain erik rue sp0tted && ph0t0graphed the pink d0lphin, saying..
"i had never seen anything like it..it's the same c0l0r thr0ugh0ut the wh0le b0dy && it l0oks like it just came out of a paint b0oth."

i w0nder if the d0lphin is a perez fan?

regina asmutis-silvia..seni0r bi0l0gist with the whale && d0lphin c0nservati0n s0ciety reminds f0lks to "be careful..as wit any d0lphins, to respect it--observe fr0m a distance..limit their time watching. d0nt chase or harass it."

tat way every0ne can enj0y the fabul0us d0lphin f0r as l0ng as he lives!


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igatmate said...

ka cute sa dolphin! nahan nuon ko makakita ana sa actua nuon...
u know na bya, i love fish! =)