my Ipod nanu broke a little today, i was xo mad about tat..i yelled at my friend && acted like a spoiled brat. then i realize, here i am..complaining over a broken thing tat no one cared to save. then later, i got it: when we have some thing broken, we immediately turn away && look for a better one.
in life based, it is kinda same..when we see someone broken or damaged..we usually turn away.
it is when you look past the broken piece && say, "hey tiz is different than anything or anyone else, && tat makes it special". sometimes they teach us lesson tat can change our lives in the most surprising way.

my broken Ipod taught me a lesson today..&& tiz may sound crazy but it changed me. i wanted to share tat wit you cause the way my Ipod broke, && am not kidding..looks like a special rainbow..&& it looks beautiful. ü

by the way, i wrote tiz on my Ipod. n_n

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