tiz is why Ahia l0ves me.. :p

it's ahia's 27th year n0w. en since he's n0t in the m0od as of tiz very m0ment..i challenged myself to give him 27 reas0ns why he sh0uld be happy t0day..

27. typho0n feria is t0taly vanished.

26. it's a 0ne fine day!

25. grrls admire y0u.

24. b0ys get jeal0us over y0u.

23. there's an oil price r0ll back.

22. yar m0st preci0us sh0es stil l0oks new.

21. yar friends are always there f0r y0u.

20. ya'r n0t paying f0r the air y0u breathe.

19. yar c0ugh && c0lds is g0ne.

18. abstinence fr0m alc0h0l is a g0od thing!

17. y0u'll be wit yar family 5 m0nths fr0m n0w. :j

16. unlimited pr0m0s are still w0rking.

15. n0t every0ne can reach at yar age.

14. lakers rules! \m/

13. y0u still have yar c0mplete b0dy parts to functi0n 0n yar daily activities of living.

12. having pr0blems means tat y0u are human.

11. yar baby has the cutest smile in the w0rld.

10. ya'r expecting m0re mesages to c0me. :p

9. y0u have a family tat truly cares en l0ves y0u.

8. ice cream stick is 10php 0nly.

7. y0u have a creative en sikat br0ther && sisters. :j

6. mantahan is 4 h0urs travel away fr0m there.

5. electi0n day is appr0aching..en datung is c0ming. :j

4. f0ur is yar fav0urite number. :p

3. y0u are a certified A.N.A.K.!

2. y0u were blessed wit a cute li'l angel && a l0ving wife.



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J-E-B-A said...

kOjawa jOd aning manghOd ni reyeL. idOL na jOd tkaw Og samOt party girL! bantay nig uLig maasin. hihihihi