pe0ple are strange creatures..

as a pr0duct of the 90’s c0llective nihilism..i have n0 tangible c0nnection to the decade bef0re it..wh0se pageantry en excess w0uld ultimately fuel the creati0n of hist0ry’s l0ne megastar, michael jacks0n.

sure other ic0nic figures such as elvis en the beatles came bef0re him..but n0ne matched jacks0n’s overwhelming mass appeal (especially in regi0ns of the w0rld tat openly rejected western ideals), all0wing him to do what even alexander, the great failed to acc0mplish..conquer an entire human race en sustain an empire under the banner of the still unrivaled multi-platinum smash, thriller [[t0inxx! haha. wai mag buut sa ahung fl0wering w0rds! :p]].

tiz is why his mem0rial service was significant en attracted an ast0unding 1 billi0n viewers w0rld-wide..but if n0thing else, it also offered a brief glimpse at h0w b0th s0ciety en hist0ry functi0n.

0nly a m0nth prior to tiz landmark m0ment..jacks0n was the object of ridicule..a cauti0nary tale t0ld by parents en the punch line in nearly every late night m0n0l0gue.
then in 0ne brief flash..everything suddenly changed as the w0rld c0nverged 0n the staples center to celebrate the life of a father, s0n, br0ther, && influential musician.

the 0nly variable to explain such an unf0reseen shift in p0pular opini0n is his lack of a pulse..f0r it seems in death, we are truly abs0lved of all past transgressi0ns && remembered f0ndly as children of God, Xenu, or whatever..

of course, n0ne of it really makes any sense [[o0ppps! wai react mga menn!]] but it’s what we’ve unkn0wingly signed 0nto as human beings.. :p

but such is the essence of tragedy..since inevitability, it is the surviv0r of it tat must linger 0n wit the kn0wledge of a life tat 0nce was..
although am n0t usually 0ne to tr0t out clichéd sentimentality..i think s0crates said it best..
"the hour of departure has arrived and we go our ways..i to die, && you to live. which is better? only ghaaad knows",)



jer said...

kuyawa ged nng bataa!

jer said...

kuyawa ged nng bataa!

Anonymous said...

Nice one. I love the last quote.

igatmate said...

kuyaw gyud ni c MJ da... bisan patay na, hisgutan laman gihap!