die y0ung..save fr0m pains.

i was having my lunchbreak (breakfast && lunch) when i saw jean crying over the burial of the late president coraz0n aquin0.


daaanng! i was fighting over the "what if's", the "h0w's", all th0se stupid questi0ns 0n my mind..
what if i am 0n tat situati0n? h0w will i handle the pain? en whats0ever!

of c0urse first && f0rem0st, i d0nt wanna be in tat scenari0..i hate pain. i've been in pain, en i have t0o much of it!

but humans as we are, s0meday we'll all kick our assess off tiz very land.
en i wanna make sure tat bef0re all the drama starts to happen..i will be the first to leave rather than witness && experience an0ther intensive en fierced pain, which will surely last over yearsssss.
tat'll make me psyche, f0r sure.

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igatmate said...

i didnt know! fanatic diay ka sa mga aquino? hehehe =P