a wonder.

comfort && encouragement are not easy to accept when a loved one dies.
how often have we attended a funeral..&& listened to a sermon extolling the virtues of going to heaven? yet in many cases, the family doesnt seem to be comforted by these remarks..their anguish && sorrow is evident by the emotions on display. choruses of grief, weeping && crying are expressed over the departure of a beloved parent, brother, sister, husband, wife, child, relative or dear friend.

if a person goes directly to heaven when he dies..why isnt a celebration or party thrown for the deceased? supposedly s/he is in heaven wit God or whoever. xo why isnt everybody happy? is being wit God bad?

most ministers preach about the glories of heaven in trying to comfort && encourage the family && friends..Christian missionaries traverse the globe touting the merits && pleasure of heaven..yet few people seem anxious to go there. people will do almost anything to extend their physical lives..they’ll spend everything they have on pills, vitamins && medical procedures tat have as their aim extending people's lives—-in other words: keeping them from their ultimate reward.

is there any hope for the dead? do the dead simply cease to exist? do they go to heaven, or as Muslims believe, to paradise??

haiee..xo much questions asked..when i dont even believe on those craps. watduhh!
i just cant help but marvel because of tiz "record of history Corazon Aquino death",) huh? whatever! ö

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