i think tat i may be fallin' f0r y0u.
en yes, tat's actually true..but y0u just cant make up yar mind..xo i guess tat am g0nna leave y0u behind.

it's n0t up to me anym0re if y0u want me in yar life..y0u have to find a way to put me there!


Anonymous said...

knsa mn na? kanang sa imng fb?

Skip Hubert said...

aNa jUd!!

beautiFOOL said...

Put you where you deserve to belong! always be a first-rate version of yourself. you always deserve something more...I mean, mooooore!

J-E-B-A said...

mO catch kO nimO! dLi tkaw pasagdan na bsta2 ma-faLL Lang. aayyyyaaaaaayyyyy

igatmate said...

bcos u DO NOT deserve to be just somethng. as u said... dapat someBIGthing gyud as always. =)