the friends && the foes

sometimes i think being beautiful is a curse to the one possessing it..no, lemme make it all the time. owning such a face means a lot of stalker && diehard fans-—not to mention the gossipmongers, ill-wishers, && green-eyed monsters watching yar every move just waiting for some catastrophic episode to ruin yar close-to-perfection existence.

you will never be alone.
new alliances would sprout like mushrooms during heavy rains. you can be the ultimate playgirl..but you cant change yar boyfriend like you change yar clothes..xo if you fall deeply into tat trap..you will have a hard time getting out of tat puddle of mud called love.

xo now, the unavoidable happens..yar “i-am-a-hopeless-romantic-person”.) character altered into “i-dont-believe-in-love-anymore”.) individual. chasing Cupid is as tiring as climbing up && down the hill eternally just like what the mythical character Sisyphus did.

difficulty in breathing is frequently knocking me off my feet..i am suffocated! the weather's not conspiring wit my mood && i am totally divided.

but tengxx to my another beautiFOOL bitch grrlfriends who accepted me even if the seal is broken. nyahahh! what i mean is..they've accepted my imperfections as well as my shallow happiness..if not because of them, i wouldnt be where i am supposed to be now. my kudos to you, gays! :x for sure..i will miss you when time requires us to walk on different paths. *sigh*
they are my real and unmasked bitch friends..they taught me how to be beautiful inside out. && for that, they occupy 3/4 of my heart. :j

&& the list goes on and on..and i have to move on..it's really true when they say, "you always do a little growing up everytime you do a little letting go".)

i wish i could change the past..but sometimes, the past changes me. *sigh* :c

finally! may tat person be successful for the rest of her miserable && bitter life! blehh! :p


J-E-B-A said...

pyter! cLickabLe ang 'her' Lagi. hhihihi! mO andar Lagi ning ijang pgkamean Lagi. hihihi
perO nindOt. nlingaw kO

igatmate said...

that's ok! u still have more & more & more sets of friends that u can count on, that would surely help u throughout ur fight. & usa na ko ana igat!

happiness or trouble
naa ra mi... preparing the gadgets for world war! hehehe