i have the strangest dream..

i was Spiderman last night..only i was called "Tony",) and not Peter..i watched Batman kill Joker by pushing him down a 40 foot building..&& i witnessed the villain crash down into a nice yellow sportscar..there was blood all over. and then it was the next day && i saw the gorgeous, Catwoman..her skin was dark && her eyes were stunning but she was wearing her mask in the middle of the day while walking in public. as i walked past her..i just had to say, “how inconspicuous”,)

i cant quite remember the rest..but i know a lot more happened during my deep sleep.
hihi..it's kinda weird because i love both Batman && Joker..i want them to be friends..but in my dream, they were fighting like hell! huhu :c
&& i was Spiderman? i dont even appreciate Spiderman tat much..i mean, it's okay if i'd be Superman, or Supergirl rather..

dang!? i dont even like superheroes much! TH!


CherryVomit said...

I've had strange dreams like this also. I had a dream i was flying like superman then at the end i started falling down a mountain then i fell into my body and woke up.
I was reading through your blog. you have great blog posts. Keep it up.
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necat0r said...

thank you!

this site is my way of pouring out my emotions instead of writing 'em in a piece of recycled paper..